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2. Tunde: A Man of Lost Ambition

2. Tunde: A Man of Lost Ambition


This novel will give you hope!

Tunde: A Man of Lost Ambition is the second book in the Struggles of a Dreamer trilogy. It is about a man called Tunde, whose story began when, as a new immigrant, he soon found himself living as a beggar on the streets of New York City. In this book, we follow him through the amazing adventures of his continuing journey.

Tunde, like all of us, is a flawed character, and along with him, we learn what it takes to realize our dreams and goals, despite the tremendous obstacles that can be placed before us. With the skillful hand of a true storyteller, Yahaya weaves multiple storylines with life lessons in a way that enchants, captivates, moves, and inspires the reader.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, millennial, dadpreneur, mompreneur, grandma, grandpa, university student, high-school student or just someone looking for down-to-earth motivational - inspirational novel to enjoy, Struggles of a Dreamer is for You. 

This is a great book to read if you want to be fearlessly motivated and inspired to take charge of your OWN life.

Here is what readers are saying about the novel...

“It teaches one to never lose sight of their dreams, goals, and love. I was so moved by Tunde’s journey that I could not stop reading. I recommend that you have a tissue and time because the book will bring up raw emotions and you will just lose track of time.”                  

-Kristal C., Waterloo, Ontario


“The Struggles of a Dreamer series resonates with my life completely. I too was forced to choose between my dream and tradition; I chose the former and never looked back. I highly recommend these books to young aspiring individuals looking to blaze their own paths.”                                     

-Habib O., operations manager, AllCargos Tent & Event Rentals


“I really like the fact that the book demonstrates the persistence and determination Tunde had to achieve his dream to better the life of his wife and son regardless of the trials and tribulations.”                                                                                                                                      

-Nicollette C., childcare professional


“I read this book and had to stop and self-reflect. It urged me to ask many questions, one of them being ‘am I purpose-driven or doing just for the sake of doing?’ This story helped me to recognize that fear does not have to be your opponent and obstacles are not blockades. Instead, the only thing getting in the way of success is self."                                                                                        

-Pasty C., registered nurse, Toronto, Ontario


“How far does one have to go to achieve his or her dream? Yahaya, as a prolific artist, answered this vividly. I feel my story is interlocked with Tunde’s because, at some point, we all start off as dreamers.”                                                                                                                  

-Femi Doyle-Marshall, founder of New Persona Health and Fitness


“This is a captivating read. Like any great book, one can effortlessly put oneself in the scene. More importantly, Tunde’s experience transcends the narrative; it is a reality that many share and that can be a source of solace for many.”                                                                                                          

-Gire J., university student


“This book spoke to me on a personal level and allowed me to tap into my inner champion. Yahaya understands the struggles of trying to chase after your dreams, but also gives you something to aspire to and hope for a better and brighter future.”                                             

-Steve T., fitness athlete, Toronto, Ontario


“Another thought-provoking and inspiring piece of work by Yahaya Baruwa. Throughout his book, I was captivated by Tunde, the main character, and empathized with his every human desire and motivation. Expect to love this book if you can be swept away by a compelling tale!”                       

-Mary A. M., elementary school teacher


“Each page draws you in as Tunde’s character begins to come to life and quickly jumps off the page and into your heart. I found myself racing with anticipation to the next page. Yahaya has a real talent for taking complicated life lessons and weaving them into a captivating story that compels us to awaken in ourselves the potential that lies within.”        

-Susan K., award-winning writer, author of My Words


“I was so inspired reading Yahaya’s second book; I truly felt that inspiration to change the things I can change and do the things I love. There are hidden gems of encouragement and deep truths in this book that we can all learn from and apply to our daily lives.”                      

-Veronica V., Sydney, Australia


“Baruwa is a natural storyteller. He weaves multiple storylines with grace and class well beyond his years.”                                                                                                                                                  

- C.A. Julal, author of Places Upon Here


“This book gently imparts wisdom to the reader through the telling of the story of Tunde. I cried, I bit my nails, I felt supercharged at so many points during the story. I am so inspired!”                      

-Althea F., poet and proud mother of three children


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