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Who will triumph, an ancient tradition or a dream? In Struggles of a Dreamer, the stories of Tunde, a beggar on the streets of New York City, and Toku’te, the son of a farmer in a faraway land, are woven together in charming tale full of intriguing characters and adventure. You will encounter... 

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This novel will give you hope! The book about a man called Tunde, whose story began when, as a new immigrant, he soon found himself living as a beggar on the streets of New York City. In this book, we follow him through the amazing adventures of his continuing journey...

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Get Ready for the Thrill of a Life-Time! In this third and final book, you will join Ellie on an adventure that will push the very limits of her will as she awaits the next chapters of their lives outside Nigeria. 

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Readers of the books had these to say

"Struggles of a dreamer is very motivating, educational and interesting story. It is different from other books, and I think it has value, which isn't so often to see nowadays. It has really good advices, all of them told through story, I think that's an interesting idea. It is wonderful that one young man has such story to give us.” 


“The author of this book was standing at the front of Chapters one day trying to sell his book. I decided this young author should be given a chance and so I purchased his book. Surprisingly I quite enjoyed it and look forward to his followup.”


"Some of his writing reminds me of Og Mandino's writing in The Greatest Salesman In The World. Og was a close friend of mine and I am certain he would have enjoyed Yahaya's style... Struggles of a Dreamer is a novel but very Inspirational."  

Bob Proctor, Star of the hit movie, The Secret

“I bought this book at Chapters, the author was there. It was an easy read, the only thing it was a bit repetitive in that it was a story in a story in a story! But a good lesson behind, and a well written book!” 


“I met Yahaya Baruwa at a bookstore in Oshawa. He was promoting Struggles of a Dreamer: The Battle Between a Dream and a Tradition and it sounded very interesting...I have finished reading Struggles of a Dreamer, I must say that it was highly enjoyable and I also think it was unique in that the characters were realistic so that you wanted to know what would happen to them. This is something I find to be quite rare.”

Jessica W.

“Very captivating! A great read for everyone with a dream.”

Ibrahim A, founder and executive producer of African Entertainment Awards

“You will enjoy reading this book, and, above all, you will be inspired the very moment you start reading it. A must-read!”

Aggrey S., author of Tales Told by the Son of Kenya

“Baruwa is a natural storyteller. He weaves multiple storylines with grace and class well beyond his years.”

C.A. Julal, author of Places Upon Here

“This book gently imparts wisdom to the reader through the telling of the story of Tunde. I cried, I bit my nails, I felt supercharged at so many points during the story. I am so inspired!”

Althea F., poet and proud mother of three children

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